More Than A Jazz Festival…

Jazz In The Country (JIC) Music Festival is the brainchild of Rev. Larry Robinson, Pastor of Little Ark Baptist Church in King George VA. His congregation is one of 20+ member churches of the Mt. Bethel Baptist Association which owns the historic Mt. Bethel Retreat Center—home of the Jazz festival.

Jazz In The Country, Inc., a dynamic 501c3 nonprofit organization established in 2019,  is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the cultural legacy of the historic Mt. Bethel Retreat Center in King George, VA. Through a combination of jazz experiences and youth-focused music education, we aim to help revitalize this venerable site, ensuring its significance thrives for future generations. Our mission is to support an enduring cultural legacy that resonates within King George County and the broader community. We also invite and encourage exploration of King George County’s historical and recreational treasures.

We aspire to elevate Mt. Bethel Retreat Center as a beacon of cultural significance, inspiring tourism, and leaving an enduring legacy for generations to come. Pastor Robinson's resolve for this effort energizes organizers to strive towards making his vision a reality.

Helping preserve Mt. Bethel’s rich history - it's legacy - is the right thing to do. Every generation needs to know about Mt. Bethel’s longstanding commitment to serving families and community.

Every year, Jazz In The Country brings to King George highly skilled, multi-talented national and international Jazz artists. We also spotlight gifted jazz artists in the local Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC areas.

A new tradition began in 2019 with our Inaugural festival, setting the stage for annual music festivals. Jazz lovers hear a combination of contemporary and straight-ahead jazz and celebrate the historical legacy of Mt. Bethel.

2023 marked a new tradition - a complimentary music workshop designed for local youth. Aligned with our yearly jazz festivals, accomplished artists will actively participate, imparting their knowledge and insights from the music industry. King George County students will have the opportunity to participate in interactive master classes. The support for music appreciation from our community's school system is sincerely appreciated.

Jazz In The Country is a proud member of the Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce.

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